Wednesday, December 23, 2009

New Years Mandala Art Play Experience

I am excited to invite those who are called to join me in a:

WHAT: New Years Mandala Art Play

WHEN: two options
- Sat. Jan 9th, 2010 3:00 to 5:30pm - SMarts, Gainesville FL
- Sun Jan 10th, 2010 3:00 to 5:30 pm - High Springs Emporium

COST: $25 ($20 class fee plus $5 materials fee), bring your own light colored clothing or fabric

RSVP: Reserve your space by calling Valerie Rosenkrantz at 352 384 9143

This is the first Art Play class for 2010. Art Play classes are designed to:

- Stimulate your creative process.
- Build your creativity skills.
- Launch you in honoring your authentic self.
- Have fun making cool things.

Making Mandalas are a fun and relaxing activity to help us connect with our inner peace and magic.

"Mandala" means "circle" in Sanskrit and conveys that any center is tied to its circumference and any circumference is always determined by its center -- together they represent wholeness.

Mandalas abound in nature. The cells in our bodies are living mandalas. So are snow crystals, flowers and the iris of our eye.

Mandalas are known to all cultures throughout history. They can be very simple or extremely complex from Navajo sand paintings to ancient Tibetan religious designs. They can be found in stained glass windows in medieval cathedrals.

This New Years Mandala Art Play is being created to invite you to vision your life in 2010 through art. Through guided reflection, movement, music, color and symbolism, you will create your own "mandala." We will share the process as a friendly group, and support each to find internal space to create an individual expression. Coloring pens, pastels, paper and sample mandalas will be provided. We will then copy your mandala onto a "transfer" so that you can iron your artwork onto an item you bring (light colored clothing or fabric) to wear out into the New Years or display in your home.

I now wear a lovely mandala created during a 2009 art play circle and I enjoy its energy every day. I invite you to create your own mandala magic.

Learn more about art play and upcoming classes at:

Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh Mary!

I first met Mary at the Farmer's Market last year. She had just come to town and was displaying her felted fruit and button earrings on the stairs behind the Sun Center. I was impressed with her from the start. Then last Saturday, we set up next to each other at the Sanctuary Yoga Holiday Trunk Show. Her genius-ly creative display and wares enthralled us all. I look forward to more from Mary and her awesome "store" Oh Mary!

Take a Chance on Love

Oh Yes, I will!

Last weekend I put my intentional jewelry creations out for public sale at three shows. There was a wonderful reception for my unique, one of a kind pieces. Many wonderful items went home with new and old friends. And the whole weekend was an adventure:

(1) While Friday ArtWalk at SMarts was a slow due to wet and cold weather, it was a sweet gathering and I received lots of blessings from many directions (as well as a few sweet sales from friends);

(2) Sat at Sanctuary Yoga was super both in connections and sales (perhaps the yogini's are my true market).

(3) And Sunday Dave and I schlepped it all to St. Augustine; the weather was ... ugh ... disappointing, but I more than made the tank of gas and dinner out and we had fun being by the beach. SO... over all it was a great first weekend out.

Thank you for sharing in my joy and blessings.

There were many wonderful artists out there sharing in the shows. I made some sweet connections (see OhMary in following blog) and enjoyed the variety of creative talents.

And many folks loved my fun bracelets -- "Take a Chance on Love!" Not only did I sell out of most of my inventory, but I also received invitations to display this item for sale at a local store and the museum shop. It is worth it to take a chance to do what I love!

Blessings of Creativity to you all.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Good News - My First Post

So much good news to share.

FIRST my web page is up:

AND my on-line store was launched yesterday at:

It's a start. My photographic skills for on-line store are developing and I have SO MUCH to post. One friend told me to just add one or two items a day, so keep checking back. OR come to one of the up coming shows to see my inventory in person.

This weekend I will be showing my intentional jewelry at 3 places!

1) Gainesville Art Walk Holiday Festival on Friday Dec 4, 2009, 7 - 10 pm. I will be at the South Main Community Arts studio at S. Main St and SE 5th Avenue (next door to Civic Media Center). This will be my first show with my jewelry. Cool.

2) Sanctuary Yoga Trunk Show on Saturday Dec 5th, 2009 from 3 to 6 pm at 408 W. University Avenue.

3) Every Woman's Holiday Art Festival in St. Augustine, FL from 11- 5 pm.

IN ADDITION: I will be launching my ART PLAY classes in February 2010. The first class will be 4 weeks and will focus on introductory creativity skills: making colors, vision journaling, collages, and mandalas.