Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Exploring Colorado

Trying out new territory and establishing my "Roses Creativity" in this area. I'd met a few folks last fall and have found many friendly and receptive people since I've been here. Needless to say, it's still a bit unnerving to re-establish oneself.

I've been balancing re-working my mission statement and brochure and how I view what I'm doing with going out and meeting at least one new business a day. Persistence pays off and I am grateful for the slow, but definite, re-establishment of a community and place to express my creativity.

Sophie and Mariea in Manitou Springs are the Best! Both are hanging one of my quilts in their stores and always have an encouraging word.

And there are all the others I am just getting aquainted with, Ahriana of EcoSpirituality, Kathleen of Range Photography, Clara of Organica, Lisa of Envi and many others who have been very friendly and welcoming.

Here's a picture of Sophie hanging my quilt outside her shop. Thank you Sohpie!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Another Inspring Artist - Natalie

Natalie is another inspiring artist with whom I deeply resonate. Her art works evoke large Bolivian landscapes -- artistic space. It was seeing the land from above that initially made me want to quilt and when I saw Natalie's artworks, I felt that deep rumble of excitement and recognition. And Natalie's peaceful smooth vibe sparkles through. Ah Yes! Enjoy.

Friday, May 7, 2010

New Moon Beads - A feature on Cindy Hines

No one has inspired me more than Ms. Cindy of New Moon Beads.

When we first met, she was operating Sun Center Bead Emporium in downtown Gainesville. She had the sweetest bead shop full of vintage items for making your own jewelry. She also made and sold original cool jewelry. Over time she taught me how to make my own jewelry, and how to find unusual jewelry supplies. Now she has supported me in becoming my own jewelry maker.

My last trunk show was with Ms. Cindy at Maudes in March. We had a lovely morning together. She was selling her vintage bead supplies. I'll keep you posted on her creative evolution. Thank you Ms Cindy!!! xoxo