Sunday, November 28, 2010

Creative Journaling

Many years ago at an art class, the facilitator gave us a large blank sketch book as part of the class supplies. In an Artist Way fashion, she gave us ideas of how to use the journal and suggested we had artist's dates with ourselves in our "journals." Now many years later, I would like to share with you that this can be a POWERFULLY HEALING process. For me, this is a foundation corner stone to cultivating my creative self.

I am sharing this NOW because a week ago I met a young artist at a show and we stumbled into a conversation about this process. So I promised to blog about it. This entry is dedicated to this young mother in Denver who is a fabulous jewelry designer and a walking canvas of creativity; may it bless her creative path.

A small but potent book, "Write It Down and Make It Happen," by Henriette Anne Klauser, Ph.D., gave me the validation that what I was finding was not just a random fluke. Dr. Klauser is one of America's leading authorities on communications and writing productivity; she documents stories of folks from all walks of life who have changed their lives simply by engaging in the act of writing down what they wanted.

I have been using a creative journal with intention for many years. Carefully, positively and gratefully writing, drawing, cutting and pasting images, I am affirming my creative self. I am captivated by the power of my Creative Journal in creating my wonderful life. Thank you for allowing me to share this with you. Here are some of my Creative Journaling ideas:

- I use it to capture creative ideas that excite me, but I do not yet have time to do anything about (but I now feel confident I will find the time when I capture the inspiration in my creative journal...:)).

- I use it to keep notes of my creative projects (like a recipe) as it is unfolding (eg. pictures I down load from the internet, drawings of an image I am working on to stitch into a quilt, ideas I am gleaning from a magazine article or instructional video).

- I use it to express my gratitude. Focusing on those things that are working well in my life, those people who are blessing me, and all the small everyday things that keep me nourished and smiling have been magically helpful to my creative process.

- I also use it to work through those places of resistance, moments of self reflection and opportunities for growth...

- I write down websites I plan to go back to, scribbles while talking to a dear friend on the phone, random words that grab me but have no other place to be at that time. It is a sacred vessel for all those nourishing tidbits of my life until it finds a place to bloom.

- I work out my class outlines in my journal. I keep copies of poems. I paste in images and articles from my dear friends.

- My creative journal holds the last card my grandmother "Gaga" sent me before she past away. This reminds me that Gaga was my number one fan and always encouraged my artworks. My creative journal is a safe place to hold all these tender feelings.

- Once a month I write a list of what new I would like to create in my life. AND I write it down as if it has already happened.

- My Creative Journal also holds space for me during those times when I have little to share or capture ... and it is OK with me being creatively quiet.

- I paste my coloring pages in them (yes, I still "color" at times, just because it FEELS GOOD!!).

- I draw sketches of our house remodel or other family projects in them.

- Sometimes I write stories of my day in them... not often as I am not really a "Dear Diary" type of person ... but sometimes I do...

Being an artist can, at times, be a solo journey. Sometimes we are blessed with a friend or two, or a class, that validates our creative selves. Often we are out there on a walkabout. My creative journal gives me faith about myself and my journey as an artist.

I hope these musings inspire your along your creative journey.

Gratefully Yours

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gratitude and Abundance Day

Always a believer in accentuating the positive, I am grateful for this post which came into my in box today by Aine Belton:

Gratitude & Abundance!
By Aine Belton

Certain states of consciousness hold a resonance field that accelerates
the manifestation of your desires.

Gratitude is certainly one of them!
Gratitude is a generating energy that will serve to attract more of
anything you feel grateful for into your life.

In that sense it is a powerful abundance ally!

Gratitude aligns you to, and subsequently attracts, that which is for
your highest good, and opens you to more of the love, joy, gifts and
blessings the universe wishes to bestow.

Along with appreciation, gratitude opens your heart, raises your
energy, and elevates you from even the darkest of states.

In feeling grateful for something or someone, you essentially
'receive' it, as well as give to it from your heart, which effectively
aligns your vibration to it, and directs your focus, attention and
energy towards it, attuning your heart and mind to that which is

Whatever you focus on grows, so when you appreciate someone, see their
value and beauty and feel grateful for it, those qualities will expand
and grow in your life.

When you focus on everything in your life you have to feel grateful
for, and all the wonderful things, experiences and people you
appreciate, the universe hands you more of the same!

It's a wonderful abundance expanding experience!

Gratitude is the sweet song of appreciation. It turns an experience,
person or event into a gift that is received, for when you appreciate
and feel grateful, you literally let the experience/quality in, and
you also give to it. It is a wonderful exchange of positive energies.

When you feel grateful you experience more of your love, which enhances
your state in a beautiful magical way.

You also get to experience all the beautiful qualities of that which
you feel grateful for all over again!

"Gratitude is a powerful tool. If you will allow yourself to feel
grateful, your processing and programming can work immeasurably
better... As you feel grateful for what you have, you start having
more things about which to feel that gratitude."
- Lazaris

Keep a gratitude journal and write down at the end of each day
10 things you feel grateful for over the last 24 hours to assist you in
experiencing more of this wondrous, generative, heart-opening energy.

When you do so, be sure to connect to the heart-felt feelings of
gratitude, i.e. don't just make it a mental box-ticking process - really engage your emotions.

Add to that list a few things you are grateful to YOURSELF for,
positive qualities, actions, traits and demeanours, how you've
handled your day or any situations, how you've taken care of yourself
or been kind to others, etc.

And lastly, be grateful to the FUTURE you're creating. You are a
powerful manifesting being and when you begin to feel grateful for
the dreams you are creating and person you are becoming, you begin
to attract them more powerfully into your life, for you give the
message to your subconscious mind they have already manifested.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Creative Blurrrr

Since I last posted, I have been out and about all over Colorado Springs offering my creations. I've at least turned over my inventory once and have met folks from Monument to Ellicot to Manitou Springs. It has been truly amazing building a sense of creative community.

All that being said, I have not posted one blog since July and have let my etsy site dwindle to almost nothing, even though my inventory is bulging. Organizing and vending takes a lot of focus. Good news, my gems are being well received and my unique style is continuing to flourish.

Here's a peek at my current inventory:

Gratefully wishing you all a season of thankfulness.