Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Really About The Joy ....

Each day I receive many emails, some of which are inspirational subscriptions. As I sift through the piles, I always look forward to reading the message from Abraham. Today's gives me reason to post:

"The standard of success in life isn't the things. It isn't the money or the stuff. It is absolutely the amount of joy that you feel." --- Abraham (Excerpted from the workshop in Lincroft, NJ on Tuesday, October 15th, 1996 #484)

This morning I awoke to the dog nudging me to let her out. 6:30 am... maybe I should get up. Sophie and I talked about walking Williams Canyon this morning early. The thought of a place I had not yet been pushed me up and out the door. This was a walk that takes you from Manitou Springs out into the wilderness in less than one mile. So early, the morning birds were symphonic and the shadows were long. Even thought I am not a "morning" person, the farther back we walked, the better I felt. Little flowers emerged and gave us the full range of purple shooting stars, pink wild roses, bring yellow orange sunflowers, white little stars.

What Joy! With my dearest people I was out connecting with the land and relishing all its sounds and images and vibrant life. So much joy!

May every day give you a lift to that place in your soul..... ahhhh :)

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