Thursday, June 17, 2010

Ode to Creativity - excerpts and errata

As I muse through my day, I often read a dozen blogs and emails that nurture my creativity and sense of well being. While daily there is a gem sprinkled my way, every week, there is a hum-dinger that causes me to jump up and down with excitement, OR even inspire me to blog!

Today Madelyn Mulvaney's "Ode to Creativity" was posted on an etsy blog (etsy is an on-line store featuring millions of artists and crafters and their creations for sale, eg. Ms. Mulvaney had all the chimes and holiday bells ringing in excitement and anticipation. Yes! yes! Yes! I agree from the bottom of my heart. Please enjoy this excerpt:

"When I am in the midst of "the making," my soul literally vibrates, time is timeless and I have not a thought nor a dream of the "sky-aiming" outcome. I am so in the moment and I am here, I am present in a way that is so beautifully alive and beguiling for, oh, all sorts of reasons. Really, even when I have the most stunning photo or lyrical piece of writing as proof of my creative outburst, it can never replace the wonder of creation. After all, my makings also compete with each other, elephants and El Greco.

Creativity for me is a foray of wandering, wondering, gathering and bringing home different things — my ways of beholding the invisible dragons or chimera around me. It is intensely spiritual, and my rooted connection to nature (where would I be without the sea?) is a vast wellspring of poetic figments and inspiration.

Make room, I am reminded, make space, gather time for yourself and your art. It is necessary."

Yes, yes, let us all make room in our lives to collect that which makes our heart sing and then create that which is uniquely for our own pleasure of discovering our true selves - our hearts at last open and free to love ourselves. Yes! Yes. Let's!

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